Sanderson Chiropractic Care

Types of Care

Relief Care Phase

The Relief Care Phase is an important starting point for new patients. It addresses any pain you may be experiencing or any concerns you may have. You may need to visit the office two or three times per week in this initial phase for concentrated treatments to reduce or eliminate the symptoms that are occurring. Once the Relief Care Phase is complete, you may transition into the Corrective Care Phase.

Corrective Care Phase

After completing the Relief Care Phase and eliminating or reducing your symptoms, you will then transition into the Corrective Care Phase. The Corrective Care Phase is important to your health as this phase focuses on restoring, healing, and preventing symptoms from returning. In addition to the chiropractic adjustments, you may be given certain exercises to perform at the clinic or at home to help improve and accelerate the healing process.

Wellness Care Phase

This is an exciting phase for you! You have advanced past the initial phases of pain, concern, and healing and have now entered a new phase that consists of routine maintenance visits or check-ups. Just like routine dental check-ups, routine chiropractic check-ups are a good way to help with spinal alignment and ensure health. The Wellness Care Phase keeps you not only feeling better, but helps you stay healthier.