Sanderson Chiropractic Care



I just love my chiropractor! Steve and I have known each other for over ten years. He has kept my spine in alignment and helped to make my life good. Living pain free! —T. Larson


I initially came to Dr. Sanderson through a personal recommendation. In past years I've seen other chiropractors. However, the care and time commitment of Dr. Sanderson is far superior to my previous experiences. The treatment he provides relieves the pain in my lower back. —N. Dorland


I've been a patient of Dr. Sanderson's for many years. I've seen other chiropractors before and he's by far my favorite! My adjustments vary from my low & mid back, neck and headaches as well. After an auto accident my neck & low back are very stiff and sore all the time—he's helped me gain back range of motion! He always gives 110%. I highly recommend Dr. Steve Sanderson! —L. Calpito


Pain and discomfort has been a way of life for me for the last couple of decades. I had treated my body poorly and this was the price of admission I thought. Some days were better than others and then it got worse, and then way worse. Quality of life was suffering and I found myself unable to do some of the things that I loved, even my livelihood suffered. About the time the right arm became virtually useless a friend suggested that I go see his friend 'Dr. Steve.' If not a miracle worker, he is at least a very talented and patient professional. While friends selected surgical cures and more unsuccessful surgical cures for similar ailments, Dr. Steve patiently worked his magic on the twisted body and made it fully functional once again. Visits twice a week at first showed unremarkable progress and greater mobility after only a few weeks. Visits gradually decreased over time and steady improvement was made. Today rather than being resigned to a degree of perpetual discomfort and reduced mobility I have become accustomed to living comfortably, feeling GOOD, and moving freely. I still go back every 4 to 6 weeks for a "tune-up" and am grateful to have found such a remarkably talented individual located right on my way home from work. It just feels good to feel good. Many thanks! —D. Creech


Dr. Steve has been amazing! He is flexible and truly cares for his patients. He is very thorough and makes sure all your needs are met. —S. Banner


Having a very stressful job and working 8-10 hour days in a sitting position causes great discomfort. Having Dr. Steve manipulate my back into better shape makes the long week worth it. Further, his practice is well over a 45 minute drive from my house, however his extensive knowledge makes the trip worth it every time. —J. Nichols


My wife and I were in an auto accident back in 2010 and Steve was a referral from a friend. Before going to Steve, I suffered from severe headaches, upper neck discomfort, and my lower back would lock to where sometimes getting in the upright position was difficult! Because of the care I have been receiving from Steve, he has gotten a handle on those problems that were affecting my everyday life! He is very knowledgeable and wants the best, and is not satisfied if you are not satisfied! Worth it! —S. Plumer